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Private 1 on 1, Small group & Team training offered

Private Lessons

Private lessons are an excellent option for who are wanting to strengthen their skill fundamentals, as well as for individuals with more experience who are looking to develop and refine their skills.

Our knowledgeable coaches will be happy to provide you with an in depth analysis of your technique. Through the use of movement specific drills, repetition, and ongoing feedback, we strive to improve one's skill set and volleyball IQ of all our clients.

1 Athlete - $90/Hour

2 Athletes - $110/hour  ($55.00 per athlete)

3 Athletes - $130/hour ($43.50 per athlete)

4 Athletes -  $150/hour ($37.50 per athlete)

5 Athletes - $170/hour ($34.00 per athlete) 

Video/Film Package 

Session will be recorded in Full HD. Drills will be clipped and broken down into skills for viewing and analysis.

Video packages are useful for the following...

*Highlight Films & Social Media

*Post Secondary Recruitment

*National Excellence Program 

*Technical Video Analysis and Visual Feedback 


$50.00  - Per session

Team Training/ Small Group Sessions

Please email us for inquiries 

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