MALE Positional Camp Aug 4-7,  5:30 - 7:30 PM


This Camp designed to broaden volleyball players positional knowledge to reach their full potential. Experienced and knowledgeable coaches will provide specialized instruction to athletes that strive to take their passion and skill of volleyball to the next level. These specialized camps will feature small group sessions aimed towards attacking/blocking, setting training, and libero/defensive strategies. Athletes will spend the first hour and a half of training with their specialized positions, followed by an hour of whole group instruction. This will allow athletes to implement skills into combination play, while developing higher levels of thinking within the game.


*One year of school volleyball or club volleyball experience recommended.


Athletes should bring the following equipment.

-Clean indoor Shoes

-Water bottle

-Clothing designed for physical activity.

-Knee pads and ankle braces (Optional)


Should knee pads, ankle braces, volleyballs or any other equipment be required, our pro shop is on site and able to accommodate. 


Please be on site 30 minutes early on your first day. This will allow us to adequately complete registration.


High School Positional Camp MALE , Aug 4-7, 5:30 - 7:30 PM