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High School Game Play Training Camp - July 15-19 - 4:30-7:00PM




Edmonton Volleyball Camps is excited to welcome back our "Game Play Training Camps" where experienced, competitive athletes have the opportunity to apply previously learned skills in game like drills and game type settings to develop higher levels of thinking in the position of their choice. Experienced and knowledgeable coaches will provide specialized instruction and give feedback to athletes on game play tactical aspects, technical skills, system knowledge and team dynamics through multiple game play drills and opportunities.  Athletes will spend the first 30 minutes of each session on technical skill work, then the remaining 2 hours will have the athletes participating in games and game like drills with a competitive atmosphere.

*Males and Females will be separated as long as numbers allow.


This camp is designed for competitive high school aged athletes who have had a minimum of 2 years of experience on either a school team and/or club volleyball team and who are looking for specialized game play training. 


*8:1 - Coach to athlete Ratio


Camp Pre-requisites:

-Minimum of 2 years experience on past school and/or club teams

-Athete shows consistency with all fundamental skills (passing, setting, serving, hitting)

-Strong "game play" experience and understanding 

-Athletes is coachable; willing to go out of their comfort zone and accept feedback with a positive attitude
-Athletes need to be willing to work hard


*If you are unsure if your child fits the above criteria, please send an email to: to inquire.


Athletes should bring the following equipment.

-Clean indoor Shoes

-Water bottle

-Clothing designed for physical activity.

-Knee pads and ankle braces (Optional)


Should knee pads, ankle braces, volleyballs or any other equipment be required, our pro shop is on site and able to accommodate. 


Each registrant will receive a feee tshirt on their first day of camp.


Please be on site 30 minutes early on your first day. This will allow us to adequately complete registration. An email will be sent one week prior to the camp's start date that will contain important information athletes and families will need to know about.

High School Game Play Training Camp - July 15-19 - 4:30-7:00PM

  • The Covid-19 pandemic could foreseeably force the shutdown of EVC Camps due to government order. In the case of EVPC having to shut down a summer camp that has yet to start, EVPC will provide a camp “credit” in equal value for a future EVPC Camp.

    In the event that a camp has already started, EVC will have already incurred costs including coaching fees, rental costs, equipment fees, which cannot be recouped, therefore, participants will not be entitled to a refund, however, EVPC will work to provide customers a prorated credit for future use to a camp where possible.

  • NOTE: All refund transactions in general will include an automatic administration and CC processing fee.

    All refunds prior to June 1st, 2024 will be subject to an administration/CC processing fee of 27% of the overall camp total.

    There will be no refunds for any EVPC summer programs after June 1st, 2024. 

    In the case of an injury, a  partial refund may considered if:

    • The camp the injured registrant is registered in is full and we are able to fill injured athletes spot can be filled from our waitlist

    • The injured athlete can find another athlete to fill their original spot

    *Please note: If a camp is waitlisted, this does not guarantee the spot will automatically be filled.

    Injury refund requests must be accompanied by a physician's note.  All injury refunds will also include an administration fee and credit card processing fee.

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