Private Lesson

Private lessons allow for individual, 1 on 1 time with our exceptional coaches to help you take your volleyball skill development to the next level. Feel free to come to us with certain aspect of your game you would like to improve on. Private lessons are an excellent option for those just beginning in the sport of volleyball who are wanting to strengthen their basic skills, and as well as for individuals with more experience who are looking to develop and refine their more advanced volleyball skills. Our knowledgeable coaches will be happy to provide you with an in depth analysis of your technique. Through the use of drills and repetition, we strive to improve the volleyball skill set and volleyball IQ of all our participants.

Group Session

These sessions are designed for small groups of athletes (2-6 athletes) hoping to improve their technical skills in a small group setting. Sessions are targeted towards areas of the game that athletes are hoping to improve on. Athletes will work together in multiple drills and situations where they will have the opportunity to link their learned skills together in a small group environment.

Team Session

This session allows for teams to book an EVC coach to come and work with athletes in a “team” practice setting. Sessions can vary from 1.5 hours to 2 hours. Coaches can discuss with EVC coach the aspects of the game they would like their team practice session to focus on. Sessions can occur at the EVPC center or to a requested facility that the team practices out of. (Cost: $150 - 200 per session).


Clinics will provide volleyball instruction for athletes ranging from 5 years of age to adult. These sessions are for athletes of all skill levels hoping to improve on specific areas of the game of volleyball. Each clinic will be designed for a more specific focus on the development and execution of one or more skills. Note: 12-24 athletes per clinic session. (Specialized skills clinic to be offered will include: setting, attacking, blocking, forearm passing, defense, serving)

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